• Information about plagiarism
    • “Plagiarism is defined as the unacknowledged use, as one's own, of work of another person, whether or not such work has been published” (University of Hong Kong, retrieved January 11, 2012, from
    • Details please refer to this Powerpoint

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  • Plagiarism checker: Turnitin
  • Copyright law & photocopying
    • Users are advised to observe strictly the copyright law when reproducing materials, whether by photocopying or by electronic means. Users are fully responsible for any legal consequences concerning copyright that may arise.
    • Copyright limits
      • Monographs - No more than 5% of the number of pages of the book
      • Periodicals - No more than one article from any one periodical
      • For more details, please visit the homepage of Education Bureau regarding Copyright Matters in Education